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Afinador Cromático HT-2

90.00 €

54.00 €

DigiTech Hardwire HW HT-2 Chromatic Tuner A pedal created by an onslaught of guitarists that know what you need to make fast and accurate tuning adjustments. This pedal never needs calibration or the quiet location required by many microphone tuners. Place this pedal by itself or as part of your effects chain. Armed with a bright row of LEDs and a large segment display makes getting an accurate readout possible in dimly lit settings or on a bright sunny day. So simple, but oh so cool! DigiTech XTC Chromatic Tuner Features: * Ultra-high-visibility BLUE-IN-TUNE center LED plus 10-segment flat / sharp LED row * LCD note display * TUNING button selects a tuning reference of double flat to 443 Hz * 1/4 in. input * 1/4 in. THRU and MUTE outputs * Rugged metal chassis * 9V battery operation or optional power supply


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